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"comic Ray Ellin's self-financed, self-distributed documentary, "The Latin Legends of Comedy," finished third by doing a robust $16,718 in the opening weekend of its one-week run at New York's City Cinemas Village East. Because 20th Century Fox is releasing it on DVD Oct. 10, he's not planning to book it elsewhere. "I always thought it'd do well in a theater, but not this well," Ellin said.

Each week, indieWIRE receives the final weekend numbers for specialty releases in theaters. This is our top ten for the three day weekend so far, with most numbers already in. The top ten is subject to change before the final chart is published tomorrow and the weekly box office column is written. Weekend box office data provided by Rentrak as of Monday, 6:00 p.m. EST.

1. "The Queen" (Miramax) $122,014 wknd ($40,671 per scrn)
2. "The Last King of Scotland" (Fox Searchlight) $142,899 wknd ($35,725 per scrn)
3. "The Latin Legends of Comedy" (Ray Ellin Productions) $16,718 wknd ($16,718 per scrn)
4. "Old Joy" (Kino Releasing) $13,029 wknd ($13,029 per scrn)
5. "A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints" (First Look) $94,784 wknd ($11,848 per scrn)
6. "American Hardcore" (Sony Pictures Classics) $25,805 wknd ($8,602 per scrn)
7. "Jesus Camp" (Magnolia Pictures) $97,674 wknd ($5,141 per scrn)
8. "The Science of Sleep" (Warner Independent Pictures) $1,114,651 wknd ($5,044 per scrn)
9. "Broken Sky" (Strand Releasing) $4,956 wknd ($4,956 per scrn)
10. "Keeping Mum" (ThinkFilm) $222,336 wknd ($4,537 per scrn)

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Part stand-up comedy concert and part documentary, The Latin Legends of Comedy captures the struggles and successes of the first Latino comedians who, over twenty years, broke into and became pioneers of New York's stand-up comedy scene. The comics (Joey Vega, J.J. Ramirez and Angel Salazar), dear friends from the beginning of their careers, give stellar performances showing why they are the top Latino funnymen in the country. Read the whole article, click here.

The Latin Legends of Comedy has appeared in all the following festivals:
Phoenix Film Festival
Chicago Latino Film Festival
Palm Beach International Film Festival
New York International Latino Film Festival
Floating Film Festival
Boston International Film Festival - WINNER, Best Jury Award, Documentary


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