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Angel Salazar is not your typical comedian. His Cuban/Puerto Rican heritage and penchant for sporting mini-skirts notwithstanding, this manic, human laugh factory is rather difficult to describe. Salazar's performance is a mixture of street-smart ethnic wisecracks, risque humor, physical comedy, and audience involvement. Angel is also an established actor, who has appeared in films such as "Scarface," "Punchline," "Carlito's Way," and "Where the Buffalo Roam." He was also featured in Cheech and Chong's comedy video "Born in East L.A." He has headlined at The Comedy Store in L.A., The Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas, Catch a Rising Star in New York City, and The Tropicana Hotel in Atlantic City. This diminutive comic is achieving success on a grand scale. As Angel implores you in his act: "Check it out!"
JJ Ramirez is affectionately known as “The Latin Lunatic,” JJ tours the country as a national headliner. Has made many television appearances; heard frequently on The Howard Stern Show. JJ's work with John Leguizamo has made him extremely popular with Latin audiences.
Joe Vega acted in the films PUNCHLINE with Tom Hanks and ROUNDERS with Matt Damon. Several guest starring appearances on NBC's “Law and Order” and HBO's "The Sopranos." Toured the US with Latin superstar Marc Anthony as well as comedian Chris Rock. Appeared on all the major comedy shows, and hosted his own FOX television show called “The Latin Connection”.

Ray Ellin is the executive producer and director of THE LATIN LEGENDS OF COMEDY. Started as a comedian at the age of 15. Co-starred in the movie KILLING CINDERELLA. Has made many television appearances, been in several commercials. Hosted television show “ New York Now” and was profiled on “Dateline NBC.” Directing upcoming feature film THE BOURBON BROTHERS, from the co-producer of the award-winning film SIDEWAYS. Co-founder of

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